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Princess J - JULY 2016 

Our first of many stars!  Princess J is undergoing treatment and we were made aware of an immediate need to repair her home AC unit. Air Around the Clock jumped into action and were able to repair the families Air Conditioning Unit the same day we called!  We were delighted to be able to assist in getting the family home to rest and recover from treatment. 

DAMIAN - September 2016

Damian is our official Super Hero! While at New York Comic Con our Youth Committee weaved an extra special surprise for him!  Damian is a huge Spiderman fan so to brighten his day they organized the following videos:

August 2016


We were so excited for our annual event, "Strikes for Julia!" Thank you so much for your support!  This year, we were blessed to be joined by three special families under going treatment. We were excited to be able to make their day just a little brighter. 

Congrats to Craig P. for winning the prize for the highest score! 


Our Youth Committee did an outstanding job ensuring all the cars in Coral Springs were super clean! 

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